N-SOFT | Visibility in telecoms technology
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Trusted and neutral provider

N-SOFT - The trusted and neutral provider of telecom services and solutions to Governments, Regulatory Authorities (Telecoms and Finance), and Operators. Developing solutions for total market visibility, supervision, revenue generation opportunities and improvements in the delivery of quality telecoms services to subscribers.

Catering to a wider clientele

We cater to regulatory bodies and operators across the Telco sector with an emphasis on the monitoring and management of telecommunications traffic, revenues, quality of service and fraud detection.

An international reputation

N-SOFT has developed a reputation as a world leader in telecommunications technologies, gained since 1986 as a solution provider. N-SOFT's solutions have been deployed in more than 500 sites across 75 countries.

A great and effective team

N-SOFT operates an extensive Research and Development team who is constantly working to promote and develop innovative solutions that are compliant with best industry practices, whilst rapidly and efficiently adapting to the demands of our customers and the telecoms industry.

N-SOFT, Visibility in telecoms technology

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